What is professional porcelain tile?

The term "professional porcelain tile" is rarely used in the ceramic tile industry. We are more accustomed to this type of term when describing, for example, a tool. We all know that there is a tool for private use, at the same time the same, but intended for “professional” use by builders. A “professional” tool is intended for more intensive use; this is the only difference between it and an amateur one.

However, the term "professional quality" can also be applied to a ceramic slab. Ceramic tiles belonging to the “amateur” range are intended exclusively for private households, and “professional” porcelain tiles have practically no restrictions in areas of application, suitable for premises with intensive use and ventilation facades.

Professional quality porcelain tiles meet the highest requirements for water absorption, resistance to stains and scratches, and the surface does not deteriorate in areas with heavy traffic for a long time. Professional products are available in various sizes, have several types of surfaces - lapated, light lapated, structural - which allows you to create a unique interior design.

13 years ago, the world of ceramic tiles entered a new stage of its development. Such stages occur in all industries and last, as a rule, several decades and even centuries, as is the case with ceramic tiles. For a very long time, ceramic tiles had a classic appearance, small size and were used in the bathroom or kitchen. Having entered a new stage of life, ceramic tiles have stepped into the world of large formats and confidently moved beyond the bathroom. Large format ceramic granite appeared. Now there are no restrictions on areas of application, and large formats define the room as modern. And this stage will last at least 50 years. Why does a property owner need to know about this? Because the day will come when real estate needs to be sold and at the time of its sale it is important to be the owner of a modern interior or building. Otherwise, for a successful sale, you will have to spend money on major repairs. That is why, when finishing rooms and facades, it is necessary to use materials that are just beginning their life cycle, and not completing it. An example of such dying are public areas where ceramic tiles measuring 300x300 mm are used. If this size was installed in an office space even a year ago, it already looks 50 percent cheaper than a modern one, and after 5 years it will become obsolete and will need to be replaced. What format of ceramic granite should you choose so as not to lose the relevance of the room in the next 20 years? 1200x295 mm and more. Smaller formats can only be used in combination with larger ones.

Zhelezovsky V.N.

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