Construction chemicals

A factory-made mixture containing in a certain proportion mineral and polymer binders, fillers and modifying (functional) additives for various purposes, used in construction, reconstruction, restoration and major repairs of buildings and structures. According to their purpose, such mixtures can be combined in accordance with the stages of facing work. This association and examples of construction chemical products are available for review.

A brief introduction to dry mortar formulations

The other day I was able to attend a seminar conducted by the commercial director of the Maska plant in Novosibirsk for wholesale buyers of dry building mixtures. Having recorded his speech by milestones, I approached him with a proposal to post the most interesting information on the site.

What is a screed and what is it intended for? Types of screeds

According to SNiP 2.03.13-88 “Floors”, a screed (base for a covering) is a floor layer that serves to level the surface of the underlying floor layer or floor, give the floor covering on the floor a given slope, cover various pipelines, distribute loads across the non-rigid underlying floor layers on overlap

Composition of Portland cement, its interaction with water, production

Getting acquainted with the characteristics of mixtures based on cement binder, you understand that they are largely determined by the mineralogical composition of Portland cement. In studying this hydraulic binder, I was helped by lecture notes on the discipline “Physico-chemical processes of hardening and corrosion of cement stone” from the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University (TSNU).

What is waterproofing and what is it intended for? Types of waterproofing

The waterproofing layer prevents water from penetrating into the base and prevents its premature destruction. Thus, it serves to strengthen the structure of the structure as a whole, and in some cases protects against corrosion, mold and rot.

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