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The history of the enterprise began back in 1998 in Moscow. But then it was a small creative workshop for children. Then production was expanded, and the company began to produce designer ceramics under the Vesta-tiles brand. In 2013, changing the brand to “Klin Ceramics”, the company moved to Klin, near Moscow. At the industrial site of the Klin Machine Tool Plant, the enterprise deployed a comprehensive production base that allows for mass production of handmade tiles, decorative and designer ceramics, ceramic panels, interior and facade tiles. The organization's staff includes technologists, ceramists, artists, as well as assemblers of finished products.

In 2014, Klin Ceramics produced 1,500 sq. meters of various ceramic products. The general trend of increasing production volumes continued in 2015, which is especially important during times of economic difficulties.

The crisis demanded better production quality, which is what we are working on now. At the same time, we are expanding the circle of consumers, entering the market with original collections that become available to customers. We generate new ideas. The crisis forced us to move forward.

from an interview with the co-founder of the company and its creative director Olga Veresk.

Now the company offers over 500 models of tiles and up to 60 types of colors. The glaze for each order is cooked simultaneously, that is, each time according to the original recipe. The shapes of the tiles and ornaments are also original, from classic to completely exclusive. All ceramics are hand painted. High quality of products and complex production technology require a very scrupulous approach to the selection of raw materials. Klinskaya Ceramics purchases clay in the form of press powder from a specialized enterprise located near St. Petersburg. Raw materials for glaze are also purchased from Russian manufacturers.

Ceramic products of Klin Ceramics are works of decorative and applied art. The company takes part in international exhibitions and festivals; many of its works are exhibited in museums. The cost of the product makes it accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Our main clients are representatives of the middle class with a good and stable level of income. They use Klin Ceramics products in the design decoration of their country houses and city apartments.

from an interview with the co-founder of the company and its creative director Olga Veresk.

A special direction in the activities of Klin Ceramics is interaction with the Orthodox community. In the Resurrection Church on Sovetskaya Square, the iconostasis was made from tiles from the company. Special tiles were made for the decoration of the Trinity-Alexandrovsky Monastery in Akatov, and an artistic panel was made for the new icon in the Trading Rows. For the Church of the Resurrection, Klin Ceramics also created the sculptural composition “Christmas Nativity Scene.” At this temple there is a studio “Glinomania”, where master classes for adults and children are regularly held. “Clay Mania” is another area of ​​activity of the enterprise, a social movement of lovers of home ceramics, which already covers about four hundred people, living not only in Moscow and the Moscow region, but also in other Russian regions. The consequence of “Glinomania” was the development of excursion and tourism activities. Klin Ceramics has now developed specialized tourist routes (from Moscow to Klin, and from Klin to Moscow). These routes, it should be noted, are very popular.

Perhaps this is how business should be - innovative, but preserving traditions; author, but ready to share the secrets of his craft; economically profitable, but not forgetting about social responsibility, spirituality and the younger generation.  

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