Personnel development tools for effective sales of ceramic tiles

It is not for nothing that ceramic tiles are classified as “complex” products. Behind the apparent simplicity of objective factors, there is a whole range of issues that in one way or another accompany every transaction with the end consumer.

What set of knowledge (minimum or recommended) should a ceramic tile sales consultant have in order to provide a potential buyer with all the necessary information about the product being offered in the most detailed, truthful and prompt manner? What skills, abilities and professionally significant personal qualities distinguish sales leaders from outsiders, and is it possible to develop their level?

Our community specialists are ready to offer you a training program aimed at training and developing your employees, consisting of the following thematic blocks:

  1. An excursion into history . People working with ceramics should have at least general information about the history of ceramic tiles, the culture of consumption of this product by residents of a particular region or nationality, production traditions, etc. This knowledge makes it possible to form a certain cultural basis and aesthetic taste, which is the basis for the subsequent professional development of the employee.
  2. Ceramic tile production technology . Features of production and formulation ultimately determine the technical characteristics of the product, and those, in turn, determine the operating conditions and scope of application. We will tell you about the main technical characteristics of finishing ceramics, as well as what regulatory documents regulate the production of ceramic tiles, what tests are used to control them, and what standards are currently relevant in Russia and abroad.
  3. Client-oriented approach to customer service . The sale of ceramic tiles operates on the general principles of retail trade. The algorithms for effective sales are based on the classic 5-step model of the communication process, adapted to the trading environment. A general understanding of the principles of negotiation (get to know your opponent, win them over, identify a need, etc.) allows the sales consultant to develop his own style of behavior on the sales floor.
  4. Complex sales – as a key performance indicator . The role of accompanying materials is often underestimated, not only from an economic but also from a practical point of view. When buying ceramic tiles, the client has not yet satisfied his request - the tiles are still in boxes, and not on the walls and floors. The cladding must ultimately meet his expectations: look aesthetically pleasing, be functional, of high quality and reliable. And this depends on two factors: compliance with finishing technology and the correct choice of construction chemicals. The sales consultant must be an expert in this field in order to provide competent advice and help in choosing related materials.

The human capital market is considered the most complex of all resource markets. People have different physical attributes and abilities, put different levels of effort into achieving their goals, have different qualifications and experience, and they have rights and opinions. In addition, they can change, gain or lose skills, improve or degrade, share corporate values ​​or contradict them. The importance of effective management for a modern organization is difficult to overestimate. Knowledge, experience, intellectual and physical abilities of a person may not generate any income, remaining the personal property of the employee. Therefore, the employer needs to have in its arsenal modern effective tools and techniques that transform the potential of employees into the form of human capital.

In this regard, the second part of our training event is devoted to a number of diagnostic procedures that allow us to identify: individual motivating factors of participants; levels of social sensitivity and degree of expertise. Our focus is on exercises to develop emotional intelligence (EI), in particular synergy, which allows you to feel and understand the true needs of the buyer, to a certain extent moving away from stereotypes and inflexibility in sales.

The result of the diagnostics is the individual characteristics of the participant with the determination of his immediate growth zone, recommendations for the development of this employee, and sources of necessary information.

In conclusion, we would like to note that the issue of increasing employee performance is more relevant today than ever. The most important component of its solution is the continuous improvement of personnel qualifications. Training, retraining and advanced training have long gone beyond functional skills. Today these are ideals and values, lifestyle and social guidelines that shape the image of a modern person. It is not enough to perceive training as a process of acquiring the necessary knowledge related directly to the work performed. Employees must be involved in the development process of the organization, expand their own knowledge, and share corporate values ​​and principles. Of course, this is, first of all, a personal choice of everyone, but creating the necessary conditions for the continuous professional development of an employee is the task of the organization.

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User avatar Mikhail

For your reference, you can post here an example of an individual characteristic of a participant, which is obtained on the basis of diagnostics carried out in the training program.

User avatar Denis Enko

Here is an example of an individual characteristic of a participant (the signs ___ mean the name of the employee).

Professional motivation diagram

____'s motivation profile contains pronounced motivational directions; they are equally important - the professional motive and the bonus motive. This combination of motivating factors characterizes a typical sales representative, while ___ not only has the desire to sell and receive a bonus, it will be important for her to sell the product taking into account the needs of the buyer. ___ strives for professional self-realization and a higher standard of living. ___ can be demotivated by disputes and disagreements in the team and lack of support from colleagues. A fairly high score on the negative experience scale indicates the importance for a specialist of the transparency of the company’s processes and its reliability.

At the training, ___ made a generally positive impression, she was active, tried to listen, participated in discussions and debates, and conveyed her position quite confidently. Confidence in attitude and actions is based on experience. During the training process, she showed curiosity and openness to new knowledge.  

Competent and calm speech with moderate emotionality allows ___ to act as a specialist in front of the buyer; the buyer in most cases trusts the opinion and recommendations conveyed by ___. He is familiar with the assortment, but systematization of knowledge is simply necessary for high-quality argumentation when communicating with clients.

___ must be inspired for self-development and professional development through involvement in the corporate culture, as well as setting specific goals with subsequent monitoring. A sufficiently high level of responsibility and work experience will allow you to perfectly cope with the role of a mentor or supervisor for new employees.

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