Complete or partial (local) peeling of tiles

Complete peeling of tiles Partial (local) peeling of tiles Complete peeling of tiles Complete and partial (local) peeling of tiles Complete detachment of tiles from parts of the base Complete peeling of tiles with base elements

Complete or partial (local) detachment of tiles is a defect in the lining of both vertical and horizontal surfaces, resulting from the following factors:

  1. Excessive moisture in the base . A wet screed requires a certain drying time, which depends on many factors. Here it is necessary to take into account the type of base, its thickness, as well as the climatic conditions in the room. There is always a certain residual moisture remaining. This humidity is defined as so-called household humidity or compensatory humidity and remains in the structure for a long time. The base is considered ready for installation when this household humidity is reached. Excessive moisture can cause severe damage during operation. This happens especially in cases where a so-called vapor-tight top layer of the floor is laid;
  2. Laying on a dry concrete base . Due to the intensive suction of moisture from the interlayer by the base, the strength of the hardened dehydrated interlayer is reduced, and its structure is disrupted under load.
  3. Intense thermal exposure . With intense exposure of the freshly coated surface to sunlight, excess heat in the room, especially with a minimum water content of the layer solution, similar defects are observed.
  4. Uneven distribution of adhesive composition . Tiles can peel off when the interlayer changes unevenly in volume or when there are significant fluctuations in its thickness, due to unevenness of the base or the use of an unsuitable tool for applying the adhesive.
  5. Presence of dust or dirt . Often the cause of peeling is the laying of dusty tiles, or insufficiently thorough cleaning of the base from dust, dirt, and grease stains.
  6. Destruction of the base . The gradual destruction of the screed or underlying layer leads to peeling of the coating, while the tiles can fall off along with the interlayer, and sometimes with the base elements.
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